Video Tutorials and Demonstrations

Searching, selecting and filtering files

This tutorial will explain you how to only select the files you want to process. It reviews almost all filtering capabilities of Find & Replace It! when searching for files.

Playing with file encoding

This tutorial shows you the main features for manipulating file encoding. It covers the conversion of end-of-lines and text encoding as well as Byte Order Mark (BOM) generation.

Replacement with capture processing

This tutorial shows you how to use dynamic replacement and "capture processing". The "capture processing" enables you to transform fragment of an expression that you are searching, and then use it as a replacement text. It also introduces the Find and Replace Preview.

Replacement with scripting

This a tutorial about the scripting capabilities of Find & Replace It! The scripting interface allows you to transform on the fly the replacement text on every match. In this demo you'll see some features of the Find and Replace Preview.

Using the Find and Replace Preview

This video demonstrates how to take benefit of the Find and Replace Preview. The preview is actually a multi-document editor with powerful features that allows you to:

  • check the impact of a given text encoding when applied to a file content;
  • edit a text sample against which you want to match an expression to find;
  • preview matched occurrences of an expression to find inside a given text sample;
  • preview resulting content of a text sample after the replacement of all occurrences of your expression with your replacement pattern;
  • preview both found expressions and processed replacements inside a text sample;
  • navigate through found occurrences of a specific expression or replacement pattern;
  • preview HTML documents.

Using the Regular Expression Editor

This video presents the Regular Expression Editor. It covers the key features of the editor itself and talks about basics of regular expression syntax. It demonstrates how this editor and the Find and Replace Preview can be used together for testing regular expressions.