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End User Licenses

The terms "This Software" below refer to Find & Replace It!.

By installing and/or using this Software, you are confirming your acceptance of the Software and agreeing to become bound by the terms of the agreement as specified in the EULA, located in this document's directory.

Find & Replace It! is protected by an activation system. Hence to get a license for the full version of the product you should activate your product with a serial code called Activation Key. Without the activation, the software can still be run in demo mode for a limited period, and with some limitations. You'll find more information in the chapter Activation of the user's manual (PDF).

The license will last forever, provided you do not reinstall your copy of the software on a different hardware configuration (see Important Notes below).

The license covers all minor updates (e.g.: all 0.x.y releases). Some major updates (e.g.: from 0.x to 1.x) might be included in the license but without guarantee.

Important Notes:

Third Party Licenses and Credits

This section contains information on the different licenses Find & Replace It! is shipped with, and credits to some of our many contributors.

Third Party Libraries

This Software uses the Qt open source libraries from Qt Group Plc. This library is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 plus some exceptions (see The Qt binaries and source code are available for download at You are free to use your own versions of the Qt dynamic libraries instead of the ones shipped with the application. See the chapter Customizing Installation of the install.html document for more details. You are permitted to modify this Software for your own use only. Reverse engineering for debugging such modifications is allowed. For more details about licenses used by Qt please read the following links:

This Software uses the ICU open source library from IBM Corporation. ICU is a mature, widely used set of C/C++ and Java libraries providing Unicode and Globalization support for software applications. ICU is widely portable and gives applications the same results on all platforms and between C/C++ and Java software. ICU is released under a nonrestrictive open source license that is suitable for use with both commercial software and with other open source or free software (see

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young ( This product includes software written by Tim Hudson (

This Software uses the Syntax Highlighters plugins from Philippe Docourt. This is a collection of Qt plugins for managing syntax highlighting. It allows you to dynamically add syntax highlighting capabilities to your Qt applications. Currently it supports syntax highlighting for qscript, javascript, C++, Java, C#, and html/xml documents. This collection of plugins is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (see The source code of these plugins can be requested by email at support[at]

Third Party Development Tools

The Linux installer uses an auto-extractable archive generated by makeself. is a small shell script developed by Stéphane Peter that generates a self-extractable archive (see

The Windows installer is generated by NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System), an open source system to create Windows installers (see


Most of the icons used in this Software are free icons, provided under either the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 (see in the public domain. A special thanks to the authors:


Here are the current maintainers for the various languages available in the software:



On Windows, this software is shipped with a precompiled version of the OpenSSL Toolkit. This is required in order to communicate with the license server and some other online services in a secure way (e.g. for obtaining updates notices). The cryptography used through the OpenSSL Toolkit is only used to guarantee the privacy of the data between the application and our servers.

Please remember that export/import and/or use of strong cryptography software, providing cryptography hooks, or even just communicating technical details about cryptography software is illegal in some parts of the world. So when you import this package to your country, re-distribute it from there or even just email technical suggestions or even source patches to the authors or other people you are strongly advised to pay close attention to any laws or regulations which apply to you. The authors of Find & Replace It! are not liable for any violations you make here. So be careful, it is your responsibility.

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